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Knowing your eyebrows!

People can tell whether you are person seeking perfectionism or whether you are impulsive just by looking at your shape of the eyebrows. Sounds like me pulling your leg? I am not! Your eyebrows are your gateway to the window of your aura. You will be amazed there are 12 different type of eyebrows which all look similar to the naked eyes at an instant but once you focus deeply the differences are more than the truth that meets your eyes.

Round Eyebrows

Round eyebrows makes someone feel you are very kind and always thinking of other people’s requirements.

Straight Eyebrows

Someone with straight eyebrows is a very logical person. They always think through things without being impulsive.

Peaked Eyebrows

Those with peaked eyebrows are very emotional. Their decisions are based on emotions and

they make them at lightning speed. Thou the decisions are very emotionally based, it is still based on logic.

Queen’s Eyebrows

Those with this high eyebrows have excellent taste and they are stunningly beautiful.They are perfectionists. They struggle to make decisions as they are fixated on one decision – the right decision.

Long Eyebrows

People with long eyebrows have a lot of friends. Their strong character which makes them internally filled with strength helps to deal with their friends’ challenges without getting dragged into their emotional web.

Short Eyebrows

This category of people don’t like to deal with emotional drama of others. They keep a tight circle of friends and will not really reach out to others to ask for help.

Thick Eyebrows

This is one of the most common type of eyebrows. It just does not go out of style. Those with thick eyebrows are very decisive, self confident and they just can figure anything out. They are very active and logical people.

Thin Eyebrows

This set of people fall under an interesting category of people. Those with thin eyebrows are generally low in confidence but the good thing they are not pushy.

Diagonal Eyebrows

The sharper the angle, the most extreme their emotions are and they are very very reactive persons. If you one who is naturally born with it, it is fine. But don’t try to create it purposely which causes an imbalance in your personality.

Tapered Eyebrows

It gives a look of a long complete eyebrow which gives the most perfect eyebrow shape.

Long Eyebrows

There is actually no symbolism for this eyebrow but the way to achieve this shape is interesting. First row of hair along the inner part along with the first layer on the top of the tail is removed. The middle area is untouched and you get the “S” shape.

Hard-Arched Eyebrows

This eyebrow shape tends to be more more sensitive in nature, can hold back and need time to get comfortable with people.

So which eyebrow are you? Does your eyebrow match your personality? Come down to Vanessa Beauty to get your eyebrow threaded or waxed.

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