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Eyebrow threading

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Eyebrow threading is the most natural, efficient and least invasive way of hair removal. Have you ever wondered how a single piece of thread held in the practitioner’s mouth can create arches in minutes? Let me explain.

The entire threading process is very simple actually. All we need is a piece of cotton thread. Client’s eyebrows are cleaned and powder is then applied. The thread is then twisted and pulled along areas of unwanted hair, plucking the hair directly from the root. The amazing part of this process is that the feat was achieved without the use of any chemicals and painful tugging of the sensitive and delicate skin.

Other methods include using a chain instead of the mouth to hold the thread. Another method will be the ”butterfly method”. This method involves using the knotted thread twisted and pulled through two fingers on each hand. Thou there are other methods, the most commonly practiced is the method mentioned first (using the practitioner’s mouth). Ever since Covid started, many may feel uncomfortable with the practitioner using her mouth as part of the process. We stop placing the thread in the mouth. We found a new way! Visit Vanessa Beauty Salon to see how it is done.

Advantages of threading

Threading is still the most preferred and effective way of hair removal compared to waxing, tweezing or even lasers. Threading gives the brow a more define shape and look. We must acknowledge the fact that the area around the eye is very sensitive and thus more control over which hairs are removed is necessary. Threading allows this control in comparison to other 3 methods. Furthermore, threading is purely natural. If we can achieve our objective without invasive techniques, artificial chemicals, I feel it wins the hearts hands down.

Threading is effective for those with sensitive skin. Unlike tweezing, threading does not create ingrown hairs and is safer for all skin types. Many tend to overpluck with a tweezer. That’s a big NO NO.

Disadvantages of threading

There is apparently no disadvantages but those who underwent recent cosmetic surgery should avoid threading at all cost. Please consult your physician before making an appointment with your threader.

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